5 reasons to choose Ashcan

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1. Guarantee that you will improve your artistic skills

We guarantee you that you will develop your art skills even if you don’t have much experience. We are proud that 100% of our students were accepted to one or more of their top choice schools after studying at Ashcan, most with scholarships.


2. Highly-experienced Visual Art Instructors

You will work together with highly-experienced and motivated Instructors who also practice and exhibit their artwork in addition to teaching. Each Instructor at Ashcan has attended one of the countries top art schools themselves. They will share their professional knowledge with you, and inspire and help  you make your admissions portfolio.


3.  Studying in a friendly and creative atmosphere

Ashcan Studio of Art provides a friendly and creative atmosphere where you will be inspired the moment you enter the studio. The studio is full of creative students and their artwork. Each day the Instructors look forward to working with students on their portfolio.


4.  Ashcan Studio of Art’s location is also a special advantage

Located in the heart of Manhattan you will be inspired by all this city has to offer,  like the galleries, museums, shopping and public libraries. You can reach us nearly with every subway on 34th street and the Empire State Building is just one block away.


5.  Get the best for the lowest cost

You can be sure that we offer you the best price for what you get at Ashcan. Our helpful Instructors and Directors will guide you through the whole art school application process; portfolio, essays, applications, and photographing your work. You will benefit from our expertise at an affordable price.

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